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Why Help Rock the Vote?

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Our Focus

Young people face unique challenges that result in lower participation and voting rates and a lack of representation in our democracy. We empower them to get involved, register and vote and we fight to protect their freedom to vote.


Our Record

For 30 years, we’ve been the most trusted, effective voter registration and turnout operation for young people. We’re constantly innovating to reach young people with messages that resonate and ways to streamline the process.

Register, Empower & Help Spread the Word

Help Register Voters

Get a How-To Guide that helps you plan your voter registration drive from start to finish.

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Pledge to vote, then let us know the three friends you’ll remind to vote before Election Day.

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Follow us on social media and share our posts to help make sure relevant, accurate information reaches all eligible voters.

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Visit Rock the Vote Action Fund to learn about the issues and take action.

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