How to Vote in Arkansas

Find out everything you need to know about how to vote in Arkansas.

No Upcoming Election and Deadline in Arkansas

You may have elections happening in your area but we may not know about them at this time.

Please contact your state election official to find out more.

Register to Vote

Who can register to vote in Arkansas
Voter registration deadlines
Registering to vote as a student
Registering for people with disabilities

Vote Early In-Person

When can I vote early?
Who can vote early?
Where can I go to vote early?
What do I need to bring to vote early?
Voting early as a student
Voting early for people with disabilities

Request a Mail-In/Absentee Ballot

Can everyone vote by mail/absentee?
How do I request a ballot?
What is the deadline to request a ballot?
Requesting an absentee ballot in emergencies or for people with disabilities
How to track your ballot
Track your ballot online with your state.

Return your Completed Ballot

Does my state allow absentee/mail ballot drop-off?
What is the deadline to drop off a voted ballot?
Where can I drop off my voted ballot?
How to track your ballot
Track your ballot online with your state.
Who can drop off my completed ballot?
Certain designated individuals are allowed to drop off a ballot for someone else in Arkansas. For more information on who can return an absentee ballot,
contact your local election official.

Vote In-Person on Election Day

What do I need to bring to vote on Election Day?
Voting as a Student
Voting for People with Disabilities

Additional Arkansas Resources

Your State Election Official
Overseas & Military Voting
Additional Information