Programs & Resources

Our programs and resources are designed and informed by research.
We continually evaluate and improve to maximize impact.

Democracy Class

A coalition effort to provide resources to teach students about the importance of voting, the census, local elections, and pre-registers and registers them to vote. 

Tech for Civic Engagement

A suite of modern digital tools designed to empower organizations to drive civic action and track progress. Trusted by more civic groups and election officials than any other platform.

We believe in collaboration.

The challenges we are solving for are bigger than any one organization. To shift our culture, to reduce barriers, to modernize the process and to reach all young people where they are with messages that inspire and information that empowers, we need to bring people and organizations together to share what we know and what we have built and to uplift one another.

Brands for Democracy

A non-partisan initiative that brings companies together and supports their efforts to create a culture of civic engagement for their employees and customers.